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01. Are programmes offered by RKDFUniversity recognized/approved by any authority body?

It is mandatory for all universities/institutions offering professional and technical courses in India to be recognized by the national level statutory bodies established for the maintenance of norms and standards. Indian degrees are recognized worldwide. RKDF University is approved by UGC (Govt. of India).

02. What are the courses / programmes offered by RKDF University?

RKDF University offers Engineering, Management, Science, Pharmacy, Computer Application, Social Science, Agriculture, Architecture, Law, Nursing, Paramedical.

03. What is the medium of instruction in the classes?


04. Is there any capitation fee?

No. There is no capitation fee. You only pay tuition and other fees which have been mentioned in the fee schedule (Link)

05. What are the other fees need to be paid apart from tuition fee?

Other than tuition fee and registration fee, you have to pay for hostel accommodation and mess charges which has been mentioned in the hostel fee schedule.

06. Is there any provision for concession or scholarships?

The University shall receive scholarships if sanctioned and released by the sponsoring University and shall disburse to the awardees as per the terms and conditions of the University i.e. regularity in attendance, progress, good character and conduct.

07. Can an NRI/Foreign Nationals student pay the course /tuition fee in Indian rupees?

Yes, Course/ tuition fee can be paid either in US Dollars or in Indian Rupees.

08. What are the eligibility requirements for admission?

Please check our website for admission rules and get your required information.

09. When do I apply?

Students can start applying from Feb 2016 to July 2016.

10. How to apply and from where do I get the application?

You can apply through our website: (click Apply Now).

11.When is the last date to submit the application?

July 30, 2016 is the last date to submit the application for all courses, under foreign/ NRI quota.

12.What is admission fees?

13.what is miscellaneous fees?