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Radio Popcorn 90.4FM

           RKDF Institute of Science & Technology is the oldest private technical institute of Bhopal, which is located in the rural and industrial area of the city. Hundreds of students and faculty are living and acquiring various types of knowledge in different streams. Through this powerful, easy and cheapest communication medium. Radio station aims to develop multi talented students along with faculties and local community. The Community Radio station was established in the campus as it would largely benefit the students and also the local community. We applied for community radio station following government policy to provide knowledge and information in formal and informal way. “Giving Voice to the Community” is the objective of our Community radio. Focused on communities living within the transmission zone of the radio station, Radio popcorn focuses on educational, health, career information ,career guidance and infotainment based programme. It reaches out to every section of the society within its transmission zone  with special efforts for the communities that are marginalized to ensure that the less privileged sections of the community also find a voice through the radio.