The International Centre of  RKDF University established in 2012, with an objective to deal with all matters related to Foreign Nationals viz. Collaboration with Foreign Universities/ Institutions, Foreign scholars visiting India as Visiting Lecturer/ Professor, Alumni Association of Foreign Students, Admission of Foreign Students etc.
The International Centre is headed by the Chairman of International Centre, assisted with the Coordinator, International Student's Affairs and Coordinator, International Collaboration.

National Collaboration

1.Central Institute of Agricultural Engineering (CIAE)

2. Indian Institute of Soil Sciences, (IISS),Bhopal.

3. MOU for Faculty Development with (NITTR)

4. MOU with J.C. Fuels Pvt. Ltd.
(Alternate Energy Systems) Hyderabad

5. MOU with Bergen Solar Power & Energy Ltd. Gurgaon

6. MOU with for industrial Training JBM Ltd.,New Delhi

7. Membership National HRD Network Gurgaon.

8. Indian Institute of Soil Sciences, (IISS),Bhopal.

Foreign Collaboration

1. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute,Troy,New York (USA)

2. American Society for Quality (USA)

3. MOU with Harrow and Dudley College,(UK)

4. MOU with Shawnee State University USA.

5. MOU with Signed with Sias International University,China

6. MOU with Sierra Bio Life Pvt.Ltd., Australia

7. MOU with Asia and the Pacific (AUAP)