It’s not a Campus…. It’s a Springboard

Any  RKDF University student will enjoy the following facilities because the University has:

Dynamic curriculum to cater for new era global technological needs with analytical skill and experimental learning. Scientific exposure to industrial culture through in-plant training by partnership with private sectors.
Focus to provide knowledge and expertise in frontier areas such as Biotechnology, Nano-technology, GIS and Remote Sensing, Information Communication Technology, Simulation and Modeling, Market intelligence, Environment, Global Warming, Futuristic Energy, Bio-Fuels and Fuel Cells
Choice based credit courses to bring flexibility in academic structure and facilitate mobility of students from one university to another under national and international academic collaboration
Develop graduates to serve the humanity with entrepreneurial skills and Knowledge including adds-on utility certificate and diploma courses along with formal degree programs with view to encourage self employment rather than wage employment. Synergic linkage with Open University entrepreneurship in higher education.
Assessment and evaluation through continuous and comprehensive system of examination for stimulating skill and acquisition of knowledge rather than earning a degree through selective reading.
Promotion of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities
Sincerity in adhering to academic calendars (admission, teaching plan holding of examination and declaration of results).
Approach for holistic development of student personality and skill rather assimilation of knowledge. Emphasis on social reorganization, gender equality, ethics and human values.
Faculty up gradation and improvement through regular training and involvement in research programmes with cooperation of National and International research and academic organizations.
Performance appraisal of teachers through self assessment and assessment by students.
Regular SWOT analysis of University programmes to weed out obsolescence and degeneration in education, research, and to compete with National and Global academic world and
To strive for National and International academic recognition.
By choosing to study at the RKDF University a student will invest in an education that will help him build a successful future. The University will support the student’s learning by providing an educational experience designed to help him unlock his full potential. RKDF University encourages a dynamic synthesis of ideas and research across disciplines. This innovative approach to education can transform the way  students think, learn, live and, ultimately, impact the world and transform their lives.
Students also receive support, where required, from a range of sources to suit their needs.
Every new student is appointed a Tutor Guardian– a member of teaching staff who provides  academic guidance. Student care is managed through personalized mentoring by faculties, classmates, student friends with elaborate induction, counseling and discipline ensuring a strong foundation for personal grooming.